Screen Capture has modified an open source screen capture program called ZScreen to include tight integration with Mindtouch wiki server.


Get the version of ZScreen with Mindtouch integration ZScreenTMI (Techsurance Mindtouch Integration) 

Mindtouch integration allows seamless upload of screen captures to any page of your Mindtouch server.

This is a big time saver for all types of content creation. Documentation, tutorials etc. 

ZScreenTMI is a great free tool to complement your free Mindtouch Express account or your internal corporate installs. 

Screenshots below... 


ZScreen is an excellent full featured screen capture program.


Mindtouch is an agile enterprise collaboration platform. 


General Settings Mindtouch Destination

General Settings with Mindtouch as destination.


Mindtouch Accounts 

Mindtouch Account Settings (allows multiple accounts)


Specify name and destination

Specify the screenshot file name and destination type


Where do you want to save to

Mindtouch save path dialog box.

Includes Home and User buttons as well as full wiki tree structure.

Path indicator and Account are shown at the bottom for peace of mind.

History includes the last 10 valid save paths for the current account.


ZScreenTMI Source

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