- E-Mail Marketing
Newsletters, New product alerts, Customer Surveys

Our simple to use email campaign system allows you to inexpensively keep your customers up to date with your marketing efforts.


Using a non-technical process you can create reminders, new product alerts, newsletters etc. from custom designed templates that will set you apart from the competition.


Detailed reports are available for each campaign you send showing important statistics:

  • Recipient activity
  • Opens over time
  • Link activity

A campaign snapshot presents an excecutive summary of these metrics



If you already use E-Quote, E-Form or E-Link your e-mail lists are automatically syncronized to your user database.

You can always manually add subscribers or upload a list with the simple to use web based interface.


For added exposure you can automatically link to your email campaigns on your web site.


us today to get started with E-Mail Marketing.